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Digital Illustrations, Fotoillustrations, Graphic Design, Concept Design

With the help of modern graphic software we are able to create colorfull illutrations, completely equal or even better than made with traditional technique, like gouache, pencil, chalks or mixed. The application of this kind of images is practically unlimited. Moreover, unlike the traditional illustrations, the digital ones don't need to be scanned to be prepared for printing. Creating digital illustration takes less time that means lower prices.

Have you ever thought about puplishing your articles, advertising, packaging or any other kind of product? In this case you have a great possibility to decorate your product with a high-quality illustration.

Where digital illustrations can be used:

Concept Design;
Illustrations in Press;
Books covers, CD/DVD covers;
Advertisement, commercial;
School books, school supplies;
Scientific illustration , techncal literature, reports;
Games, computer games;
Interaktive internet presentations;

and of course many more…


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