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Contemporary digital illustration examples

Contemporary digital illustration, attractive digital illustration, illustration for commercial. Christmas Sylvester, Easter themes. Illustration for cchildren books, fantasy, Sci-Fi, science fiction. Landscape, character, concept design, environment concepts.


Illustration for packaging examples

Product presentation, packaging ilustrations. Food, vegetables, chocolate, sweets, candies, cookies, illustrations/images. Mascots development, package graphic design. Illustration development, attractive packaging, layout design.


Editorial Illustration, caricature, satire examples

Contemporary editorial illustration. Satirical, provocative, critical, classic illustration, caricature


Digital retouch — examples

Digital retouch, digital photo retouching, digital image processing, image adjustments, resolution adjustment and color correction, preparing images for offset printing.


Technical graphics, scientific illustration — examples

Technical, scientific illustration examples. Technical images, medical, geological illustration examples. Technical sketches visualization. Illustrations, images for operational manuals, illustration for technical articles, illustrations for schoolbooks. Technical sketches.


Vector illustrations, icon design, symbol design — examples

Vector sraphics, vector images, vector illustrations, icons, pictograms, symbols, vectorized graphic, icons design, icondesign aexamples


Flash animation examples

Flash interactive animation for webdesign, interactive internet presentations, flash intros, interactive programms fon educational purposes


Logodesign examples

logotype design, logodesign, logotypes, logo, trademark, firm mark, firm logo, icon, symbol, sign, pictogram, vector logotype developing, logo development, attractive logo examples, modern logotype, modern pictograms

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